Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Drawing ketchup portraits this Friday, May 6, Noon-2:30ish

I'm pleased to share that I've been invited to join a small group of artists to draw street portraits in ketchup and mustard this Friday at Zog's Dogs hot dog stand. Yes, you read that correctly.

The portraits are free, and so is the crazy wackiness. If you come, expect a perfect likeness of yourself, rendered solely in ketchup and mustard, and executed in a to-go container! Ok, maybe not a perfect likeness, but at least an amusing souvenir from your lunch hour. I practiced a bit on Sunday, and the results were indeed amusing.

Take note that the condiments will be mixed with a painting medium to increase their archival lifetime; in other words, please don't try to eat your portrait.

The skinny:

Friday, May 6

Noon to 2:30 pm

Zog's Dogs

646 Market Street (downtown San Francisco)

Zog's is in the alley behind the McKesson Building, between Market and Post

Frankenart Mart is putting on this event, along with Zog's Dogs. I could try to explain Frankenart Mart, but their web site does it so much better: http://www.frankenartmart.com/. I hear that this is just one of a series of "artist in residence" events that Zog's Dogs has hosted. I can only imagine what the others have been like.

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