Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Elsi's home on the Web... plus, a new Cafe Press URL

I’m pleased to announce the new Elsi Tervo web page: Though I took my share of web design classes during the dot com heydays, this is actually the first page that I’ve taken all the way through to posting on the web myself, so creating it was a pretty gratifying experience.

The page links to my Cafe Press shop, and also to my music-themed shirts offered on e-Bay by the legendary Pixelbiscuit Records.

Since the site address is much shorter than the Cafe Press address, it should be easier to pass along to friends, or go back to later for more t-shirt fun.

Also, anyone who has bookmarked the Cafe Press shop directly should take note that the address of the Cafe Press shop itself has changed. The new address is The old address had an underscore in it (“elsi_tervo”), which I removed to make it a little simpler.

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